Here you will find articles, showing breeders a new approach to online promotion of their breeding program and marketing their litters without direct advertisement.

We want to share our experience, gained within past several years in the process of cooperation with breeders during our Course. We will tell about breeders positioning, Instagram growth, web site development, and more. We hope you find helpful tools and ideas to implement in your promotional program.
Myths and false beliefs in a breeder's life.
There are not that many of those myths but they are so prevailing that sometimes they seems like an integral part of breeding and running a kennel or cattery. Because those are firm beliefs. But what's more important, they are false beliefs.

In this article we will talk about typical false beliefs in detail, as well as discuss the reasons and solutions.
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Groundhog Day Or Why breeders have burnout and how to avoid it
"Maybe, I should close my kennel?" Every experienced breeder has asked themselves this. Why is that? Have they stopped loving their breed? For every true breeder breeding is not a job, it's a life style, a cause you dedicate the most precious thing you have – your free time. The cause that intertwines with your life so closely that it's not so easy to just pluck it out and throw away.
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Key solutions that marketing brings to breeders
You don't need to become a seller, you can just remain being a breeder.
This is an extensive article full of detailed information that anyone who is interested in the potential of implementing marketing into your kennel or cattery promotion should read.
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