Hi, I'm Victoria Borysova, the author of the Breeder's Key Point program which is aimed to help breeders to understand how to evaluate their breeding activity, build the strategy, and promote it successfully online.

The mission of our program is to show breeders a modern holistic approach towards kennel's online promotion and marketing their litters without direct advertisement.

This is an updated program. In 2022 I upgraded and revised the comprehensive Breeders Key Point course based on my first Marketing for Breeders course, which has changed lives of about 300 breeders from 25 countries worldwide since 2020.
My experience of cooperation with breeders during the course has shown me the way to upgrade the program, make it even more effective and helpful to breeders, and I poured all my experience into this updated course.
Why me?
A few words about myself.
I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, together with my family and my schnauzers. I am sure that people all over the world know about the war in Ukraine. We now stay safe in our city, and I can work and present my program worldwide, being proud of it and hopeful for the future.

I am a professional marketing specialist with 15 years of experience. My strong points are branding, evaluation of marketing strategy, product development and launch on local and international markets.

Working as Chief Marketing Officer in an international company in the pet industry provided me with insider knowledge. Presenting our products at professionals-only expos in the USA and Europe, communicating with top managers of global companies, and launching our brands on the international level in the USA, Europe, and Japan affected my vision of promoting pet related brands and my understanding of the effective communication between owners and breeders.

But, of course, there is not only marketing in my life. I am also a professional breeder. I had my first Champion – a standard schnauzer – when I was a Junior Handler, about 23 years ago. Now I own the FCI kennel Eldzh Hope, breeding black miniature schnauzers. Graduates of my kennel live in 20 countries around the world, including top kennels and breed specialists, and FCI judges. Among alumni of Eldzh Hope kennel are ISPU champions, Multiple International Champions Top Dog in Europe 2019, European Winner 2021.
When I first started my professional career in marketing, I noticed the massive gap between breeders and ordinary people who do not understand this lifestyle and inner workings of our hobby. I knew that my marketing expertise can be helpful for responsible breeders, show them how to reach their goals.

I started my first Marketing for Breeders program as a few marketing seminars presented to my local colleagues – dog breeders. They loved them, found them helpful, and continuously asked for more. Their desire for knowledge led to the creation of the online course.

You can read about experience of our breeders Alumni in our Success Stories and Alumni Insights pages.
In 2023 – I plan to gather a new strong international community of breeders of cats and dogs who are goal-oriented and dedicated to their breed and breeding.
Since September 2022 – till now – Writing the new Breeder's Key Points course with upgraded program, based on my experience of cooperation with breeders during past years.
July 2022 – I decided that the best time is now, and I want to launch this program for breeders in English language.
From January 2020- till February 2022 - more than 300 breeders of cats and dogs from 25 countries, including Europe, Scandinavia, USA, and CEE, attended "Marketing for breeders" online course!
Later in the middle of 2020, due to great feedbacks from attendants (breeders) of the seminars and tremendous interest from breeders from different countries, the program developed into a big online course.
Every breeder and every kennel is unique.
This project can show and teach you how to make yourself Extraordinary. Because without "extra" each breeder remains just "ordinary."
It is vitally important for every breeder to find and show kennel's unique traits and advantages. We explain and show how to build a smart online communication strategy.
There is an exciting and amazing way to go from strategy to tactics. And it's worth it.
First it was conducted in the format of live seminars, which were organized in different cities of Ukraine. Through all 2020 our project got tremendous support of its General Partner – Royal Canin Ukraine. We also made numerous open webinars for breeders of cats and dogs.
Autumn 2019 – I got the idea to launch a 2 day live seminar about online communication, Marketing for breeders started it's development.
6. Switzerland
7. Austria
8. Germany
9. France
10. Portugal
17. Latvia
18. Lithuania
19. Estonia
20. Kyrgyzstan
21. Kazakhstan
22. Belarus
23. Moldova
24. Russia
1. Ukraine
2. USA
3. Israel
4. Malaysia
5. Finland
11. Spain
12. Italy
13. Monaco
14. Czech Republic
15. Slovenia
More than 80 reviews - the real-life stories of our course graduates.
"The course is amazing! Not only does Victoria explain everything clearly and in great detail, but the participants are also very kind – it's a dream class! I thought I knew a lot. Turns out, it was only 5% of the required amount".

Svetlana Latysheva
Bengal cattery Castle Leo
"Dynamic. Professional. Creative.
During the course you'll gain energy, experience, and knowledge. You will have a completely new vision and understanding. The familiar order of things will change, your values will change. And your self-esteem will grow so that you will be able to see how unique you are."

Inguna Tihomirova
BLACK IMP Norwich terrier kennel
"Amazing course! It allows you to see your work in completely different light! A lot of valuable information I haven't even thought about before. I managed to figure everything out and now have a clear action plan. I know what to do and in what order. I am very happy that after long deliberation I decided to take the course. Not a single regret. I recommend it to everyone!"

Olga Demchenko
British cats "Plush Enjoy"
"The course doesn't teach you to sell a lot at a high price, it teaches you to be competent and in demand. They teach you to understand how promotion tools work. Thanks to Victoria and her team I understand what direction I need to move."

Mariika Alexeeva
Shiba inu, Kennel Zai Shen
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