Old Bluz Maine Coon Cattery, A Story of Success.
- It is a common practice among breeders to breed both dogs and cats. Despite differences in husbandry needs, they are almost the same when it comes to the promotion and formation of a loyal audience.
- Helen had an established cattery. Having fifteen years of experience in breeding Great Danes and twenty years in veterinary practice she applied the best from her experience in the field to establish her breeding cattery. She studied the pedigree of queens and sires thoroughly, selected breeding pairs, and gave preference to the classic type and colors of Maine Coons. In a few years she had her own bloodline with a recognizable type. managed to build own bloodline and recognizable type.
- Obviously, in our course, she was one of the most experienced breeders with many years of practice and excellent knowledge in her background.
At  the beginning of the Course, Helen  had plenty of questions and goals to accomplish. Her big advantage was that she already had a very informative website and Facebook page. She had a dream to make breeding profitable and a great desire to study and discover new possibilities.

Wishlist of the breeder and challenges we’ve faced before the Course.

I wondered what improvements our course could bring her. With her  approach to breeding and the top level quality of her animals , it seemed that her kittens should be in great demand among professional and pet owners. But still, several  challenges caused her desperation. Helen had a hard time  finding owners for pet kittens and didn’t have any demand for breeding quality kittens among professional breeders. 

First of all, Helen didn’t want to breed popular colors of Maine Coon, and follow the so-called “fashion of the breed.” Considering the high quantity of catteries and competitiveness among breeders, her principal position on the matter of colors created additional problems. Buyers failed to see the value of her kittens. .

Second, her location was in one of the country's most remote regions, with a low ability to pay high prices among average prospective owners and there was an issue with complicated logistics. Helen thought that international markets were closed for her, and she wouldn't find interested buyers who would bother with difficult transportation.

In total, these aspects didn’t add confidence in  her breeding program, and she could not find the advantages of her cattery compared to others. 
During the first consultation call, we found almost all the advantages and values of her breeding program compared to other breeders. With each lesson and market analysis, her confidence that she has an excellent breeding stock grew, and her vision of competitiveness improved.
As a result of completing the breeder's analysis, she understood that breeding non trendy classic colors is her value, not a disadvantage. She also discovered that her meticulous approach to combining her breeding pairs allowed her to build high quality bloodlines. The high quality of her kittens should be in demand among professional breeders, not just pet owners!
These simple steps based on detailed analysis and a smart approach to producing content provided results within the first month of changes online – we got a strong demand for kittens from the desired owners.
The first tool of promotion that we used was the visualization of the content. We showcased the main advantage of Helen's breeding program in the format of online pedigrees – composing and consolidating bloodlines.

Moreover, we improved the first impression of her Maine Coon's classic type and wild colors with new photographs of her cats, on which the type was perfectly visualized . This created a dynamic reaction from the desired audience of prospective owners.

So as soon as she implemented the new approach and started using online tools, she managed to sell all kittens and even youngsters available in her cattery at that time. These inspiring results motivated Helen to move forward. She started to improve and make her goals more detailed and specified, working them out after she gained knowledge and understanding of the breeding program promotion.
The next step was to help Helen make friends with Instagram. We decided to do this without the additional budget for promotion, only organic posting. Using this social network , within six months she has got more than a thousand active followers due to her unique tone of voice.

We worked on the portrait of appropriate desired owners and analyzed international markets in Europe and the USA in the sphere of social networks.
By the way, organic promotion was one of the conditions and goals Helen considered obligatory. She quickly realized thus, as she started to speak with her audience on the language and topics that were interesting for them.
After a while, we got the desired result: the buyers contacting the breeder about a potential kitten purchase, did not start the conversation with "how much" and instead were surprised and commented "I thought it would be more expensive!" As they expected a higher asking price, Helen was able to raise her pet kitten prices to the level she considered reasonable for the quality of her breeding. Her kittens are worth this high price and her owners agree with her.

Thus, we clearly communicate the value and advantages of Helen's breeding program on the first visit to her page. Her pricing is considered reasonable and is not questioned. We developed effective online content communication, and the majority of prospective owners contacted her through the Internet and social media. The future owners also started coming from different countries in Europe, so we completely fulfilled her dreams about desired owners.
Now demand for her Maine Coons is higher than the number of kittens born in her cattery. Helen was able to afford to leave her full time job, which took a lot of her time, and is able to fully dedicate herself to her beloved cats and her breeding program. She started to keep the most promising kittens almost one year old, then chose the best. And if she wanted, she could always sell them to pre-approved owners, who were waiting on the news from her; Helen's owners trusted her choice.

I would also like to point out how we solved one of the most critical challenges for any breeder – getting requests from other breeders for breeding quality kittens. We did it!
The answer to this challenge is the change in online and social media content.

We presented online pedigrees and an informative portfolio that included several generations of ancestors. Breeders searching for specific bloodlines and type of Maine Coons could quickly find them online from Helen. They didn't have to search and dig through her posts and photos on Facebook or ask her in the messenger for specific info.

They only had to visit the website of her Cattery and send a request for a kitten from the bloodline they became interested in.
A year later, Helen realized another of her dreams – the addition of a couple rare blue ticked tabby Maine Coon studs. Being absolutely confident in the future of her breeding program she is investing in the further development of her bloodlines.

After accomplishing all of her goals in our Online Course, Helen entered the Online Photography course to be able to create her own portfolio for her cats according to her own vision. Now we can enjoy her photos in our article.

I am proud and grateful to be a part of of Helen's growth and success!
Thank you, Helen, the owner of Old Bluz Maine Coon Cattery.
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