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The program starts:
March 15th, 2023
Breeder's Key Point is an online interactive course about modern holistic approach towards kennel's online promotion specifically designed for breeders of dogs and cats.
This course helps breeders reach their key points – to create correct positioning for you as a breeder; to stand out among other breeders by discovering and showcasing kennel's unique traits and advantages; and to reach out to the right type of owners for your puppies and kittens.
All lectures about marketing, branding and online communication are adapted for easy comprehension and implementation into breeder's practice. The course is upgraded using the vast work and cooperation experience of the international community of breeders who took part in this course over 2 years. It is enriched with cases from breeder's practice of online promotions.

Breeder's Key Point is structured and contains four modules.

First Module
Kennel promotion
Duration: 4 weeks
First module ico
Second Module
Owners & breeders mutual understanding
Duration: 5 weeks
second module ico
Third Module
Online communication
Duration: 5 weeks
third module ico
Fourth Module
Game Changer
Duration: 6 weeks
fourth module ico
step by step in each lecture of which you will receive marketing answers to the many challenges breeders face in promoting their breeding program.

First Module:

You will get comprehensive answers to the following questions:
  1. How the popularity of a breed impacts the well being and development of your kennel/cattery.
  2. How each stage of your kennel's/cattery's life cycle defines its further development. Which risks breeders face at each stage, which advantages and opportunities breeders have at each stage.
  3. Step by step plan on how you can assist future owners in choosing a breed. What steps future owners make during their buyer's journey. What breeders should inform in their online communication program on each step of the buyer's journey. Why each step of the buyer's journey is important for breeders to implement.
  4. Major reasons why your kennel/cattery can't be found online.
  5. What are the key moments of kennel/cattery promotion online when breeders lose most of the potential owners?
  6. How a future owner of a puppy or kitten perceives your kennel/cattery online. What are breeder's real opportunities for the kennel online promotion?
  7. Speaking about branding: What factors influence the price policy on puppies or kittens. How you can use online content to show your future buyers the value and top quality of your breeding.
module ico

Deep understanding and presentation of your breeder's values and kennel positioning

Results you will achieve
  1. You will evaluate the current popularity of your breed and how it impacts the demand for your kennel/cattery. You will work out a step-by-step plan on how you can increase your breed's visibility and grow a pool of interested future owners.
  2. You will have a helicopter view of your kennel's position online and offline: its reputation – online presence, how prospect owners see your kennel online currently and what you can improve to have a proper presentation of your kennel/cattery.
  3. You will analyze your plans and estimate the competitiveness of your kennel/cattery. You will define its advantages and what makes it unique and different from others. You will get informative understanding of what you should implement into the online promotion so that prospect owners could easily find your kennel/cattery online.
  4. Using new knowledge you will form a list of reasonable and achievable goals for further development and promotion of your kennel.

Second Module

You will get comprehensive answers to the following questions:
  1. How to prioritize kennel promotion steps for different types of future owners.
  2. How to target online promotion of a kennel/cattery so that you could reach the desired type of prospective owners in a specific region.
  3. Which type of content contributes to building the pool of "perfect" owners.
  4. Why portfolio is an important element of online communication. How to create an effective and unique portfolio for your kennel/cattery.
  5. How to present the uniqueness of your breed. How to identify hot topics and areas of common interest with future owners.
  6. What is a "blind spot" of interests future owners have, and how to identify whether your kennel/cattery is at risks of being in the blind spot online.
module ico

Working out the plan of communication and promotion toward different types of future owners

Results you will achieve
  1. You will be able to make the segmentation of future owners and prioritize the order of kennel/cattery online promotion for different types of future owners.
  2. You will determine the desired location of potential owners, decide whether you need to expand the geography of demand, and whether the international market is within your interests.
  3. You will define clear criteria of "desired type of owner" for pet quality kittens and puppies and make a content plan to attract this type of owners (without direct advertisement and sales) online.
  4. You will learn how to create a competent portfolio of the kennel/cattery, multifunctional and attractive to a specific category of future owners.
  5. You will conduct an audit and define weak points of your online promotion; you will make some major improvements to increase efficiency.


You will get comprehensive answers to the following questions:
  1. What the basic channels of online communication are. How to determine priority and effectiveness of each of them in your online promotion.
  2. Why multichannel approach is the only useful method of the kennel/cattery promotion.
  3. Why Instagram can be the easiest among free channels to achieve initial results.
  4. How to turn an Instagram blog with a few followers into a useful and effective tool without paid advertising.
  5. Which hidden opportunities for free promotion there are on Facebook and how to approach them.
  6. Why kennel/cattery web site is the foundation and the main promotional channel for your kennel/cattery online.
  7. How to design your web site so that it could regularly attract and generate requests from potential owners.
  8. How to live a balanced life and blog about your kennel's or cattery's life on regular basis.
module ico

In details about working tools of online communication and promotion of your kennel

Results you will achieve
  1. You will transition from chaotic actions into systematic and focused approach to online promotion. How to distribute efforts to each of the free promotion channels to gain maximum result.
  2. You will create or revise your Instagram blog's content, make your blog memorable and effective. You will grow online audience while achieving your goals. You will present the image of confident, responsible and trustworthy breeder.
  3. You will develop the structure and content for an informative web site, which corresponds with the needs and expectations of future owners and stands out among competitors.
  4. You will define the steps and make a plan of what you should implement online, so that you could generate demand from the desired type of future owners – to make a waiting list.

Fourth Module GAME CHANGER

You will get comprehensive answers to the following questions:
  1. What the key points of cooperation with customers – professional breeders are. Which online channels are suitable to attract this category of future owners and how to grow them.
  2. Online promotion of an adult stud in your kennel. How it is different from the promotion of a litter.
  3. What is a Value proposition – the description of your kennel. How to describe your breeding principles, so that they would correspond with the interests of professional audience and pet owners.
  4. How to sell without sales. When you don't need to become a salesperson, you can just be a breeder. The most important stage of negotiations with different types of buyers – how to design an individual litter presentation.
  5. Changing the approach to the kennel's blog. How to make it informative and engaging.
  6. How to switch from constant urgent tasks to implementing a steady promotion plan. Creating an annual plan for your time and resources synchronized with breeding plans.
module ico

Advanced level of marketing, creating a content strategy and a yearly action plan.

Results you will achieve
  1. You will create a proactive approach to managing cooperation with potential buyers, breed class and pet class owners. You will design clear conditions of cooperation and present them as online content.
  2. You will change your approach to the process of negotiations. You will design a litter presentation which showcases your professionalism in breeding and the value of your breeding idea in each litter.
  3. You will form a content strategy of your blog which would correspond with owners' needs and generate the interest of potential interested owners.
  4. You will create an annual plan of tasks to prepare necessary content for your online kennel promotion and define the budget and resources needed for an effective functioning of your kennel/cattery.
How the course works
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  1. You sign up for the Course by filling the Application form. Please, fill this form and provide a detailed description of your kennel or cattery, your plans and goals for future development and your expectations from this course. This Application form also helps me to understand what community of breeders we will create in our Students Group. We welcome everyone who is a responsible and officially registered breeder or a future breeder who is looking to have a good start. Important to note that no backyard breeders are permitted to join the course.
  2. After filling out the application, you will get access to your online account where you will find all video lessons and additional materials. Each week new lectures become available along with additional tasks for you to complete during that week.
  3. Our community of students will gather in a Telegram chat where we will discuss any additional questions and share our ideas. You will receive constant support throughout the course.
  4. This is an interactive course that is why we will have regular online Zoom meetings where we will discuss all details of the program and how you implement it, as well as other important details which you should pay attention to. In your online account you will see the schedule of online meetings and will be able to plan your time accordingly.
  5. The Course consists of 4 modules and at the end of each module there will be a Zoom session where we will review the results and plan the steps for online promotion according to each module.
  6. During the course you will also be given some practical tasks which you can complete online right away and then track the results of your activity.
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The program starts:
March 15th, 2023
The application takes about 15 minutes to complete.
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