The story of victories, challenges of faith, and Hope.
All barriers can be overcome by the one who is determined to reach their goals. Anastasia is a breeder of Australian shepherds and is the living proof to this statement.
Our hero is new generation breeder. She is a young woman, raising two children, developing her own small business, and is totally involved and in love with her Australian shepherds. She is a progressive person, easy going, active and creative young lady, with a positive attitude like her Aussies.

The topic of promotion of her breeding program has been on her mind long before she found out about our course. She had more questions than answers, as there is not much information about online marketing for breeders. As a result,, she had worked out her online promotion strategy intuitively.
Anastasia has seen the announcement of our course and webinars while staying on summer vacation in the country house. She was really excited to watch live broadcasts of all webinars because she could ask all the questions, and she had a lot of them. The only good internet connection she was able to find was in her children's tree house.

So, Anastasia watched all the live webinars sitting in the treehouse, under the open sky. Once she made a decision to take part in the full online course, she cut her vacation short and moved back to the city apartment with a good wi-fi connection where could give all of her attention to studying on our course.
When we met two years ago on our course, Anastasia was a beginner breeder and did not have much experience in the promotion of her breeding program. Just at the beginning of our course, she whelped her second litter of Aussies. But still, she had a complete understanding of what future she wanted for herself as a breeder and for her puppies.

I have to point out that in Ukraine Australian shepherd puppies are quite expensive, but the breed is not as popular. Anastasia understood the situation in the country as she saw real-life examples among experienced breeders when they could not find owners for their puppies for a long time – until approximately seven or nine months old, or had to lower prices significantly to sell them. So, the first goal was to have a wait list of owners and not worry about the demand.

Lesson TWO:
The key task – attract your people.

Working on the course with Anastacia was a great pleasure. She came to the course with a definite understanding that she values herself and her dogs, and at the very beginning of the course, she knew what kind of owners she wanted for her puppies.

She already determined the desired type of owners: active young people, singles or families, who live in the city apartments or in a private house, have a flexible schedule of work or freelance, travel often, and enjoy active lifestyle and outdoor activities on the weekend.
Another important element for her is that her desired owners responsibly choose the breed, so they understand that Australian shepherds shed profusely several times a year and need special grooming.

She wanted her puppies to be house dogs. Aussies are true companion dogs and they need to be treated as family members and not be separated into a yard or kennel building.

In summary, Anastasia wanted not to just find homes for her puppies quickly but to create a demand from the desired type of future owners – to make a waiting list.
The success came together relatively easy.   Unlike the majority of breeders when they join our course Anastasia was a great fan of photo sessions with her dogs. This is one of the biggest advantages of the had an active Instagram blog filled with great photos. Also, she had a stylish website about her Aussies, which was visually pleasing according to the portrait of her audience and easy to navigate, so we decided not to change it.
Now we had to improve the content to attract the desired type of future owners. So we reviewed all portfolios and made a content plan of future topics for the photo sessions. , We needed to show the life with Aussies: lifestyle photos – true zest in the Disney dog Kennel insta blog. 
After that, we focused on the website’s content, added essential articles about the breed, and added a page with the questionnaire for the future owners. 
Jumping ahead to say that this page made it possible to track how often the desired audience visited her the website. 

We set up the goal and started working on it. 

While new photosets and website content were on the way, Anastasia also started to change her content on her Social media, without writing a lot but changing the message. As a result, by Autumn, she had plenty of requests from the desired type of owners from her website so that she could plan her next litters without any worries.

Most importantly, the questionnaire showed that people applying were exactly the type of owners she was looking for and to whom she could trust her Aussies without any hesitation.

As the course came to the end, Anastasia finished her website. She could now track the performance of her online promotion in measurable criteria – quantity and frequency of the filled questionaries from future owners. So, she could comfortably plan her future litters and even think about adding some more dogs to her kennel.
In a year, a new breed was added to the Disney Dog kennel, a long awaited and thoroughly planned addition. Two Miniature American shepherds joined her: Texas, a male from the USA, and Sansa, who arrived from France.

The Miniature American Shepherd breed is entirely unknown in Ukraine, but Anastasia is not afraid! She is optimistic and determined to attract her followers' attention to the breed and make them fall in love with this breed as they did with Aussies.

We are staying in touch with Anastasia, and I see that her confidence is growing and she has even more determination to accomplish her goals.
In this year our country, people and breeders included faced the worse trial one could only imagine – the war and forced evacuation Anastasia was among those as well.

Military actions forced her to leave her hometown of Kiev with all her dogs and young daughters and evacuate temporarily to Netherlands.

Of course, no one expected the war in our country, that is why Anastasia had to run away together with pregnant Aussies. As you can imagine, all owners who were waiting for puppies, had to change their plans too.
By now Anastacia had the knowledge and experience of online and social media promotion necessary to attract new owners in Europe. She was able to find homes for all of her puppies by the time they were old enough to leave her!

Almost all of them live in different countries in Europe, but you will be surprised to know that some of the puppies came back to Ukraine together with Anastacia, to their Ukrainian owners. You can only imagine the strength of spirit and faith for the future of our Ukrainian people.

And finally – a little miracle. While Anastasia was staying in the Netherlands, she's got a special little Miniature American shepherd puppy. She was a gift from American breeder, sign of support and a wish of Hope to our Heroine. `
That is why we are both sure everything will be great!
To believe in yourself, study and work hard, love the job you are doing – this is the key to success of Disney Dog kennel.
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