Please, read our FAQ to find answers to the most common questions.
  1. I am an ordinary breeder, and I don't have any marketing knowledge. Is this course right for me?
The main idea of the course is to make marketing accessible and useful for breeders. That is why all materials use clear and simple language and are also adapted to breeding objectives. The program is structured in a way that even a person who knows absolutely nothing about marketing could complete all practical tasks in the course.
This is an interactive course with a feedback option. This allows to answer all arising questions and resolve any issues. Every topic includes cases from real kennels and catteries.
Along with the core course materials, you will have access to presentations and a workbook with templates that will help you implement everything you learn and will stay with you for the independent work after the course.
2. ill the course work for me if I am a cat breeder? Since the creator of the course is a dog breeder.

From the cases of our participants – cat breeders – we know that this course is effective for both dog and cat breeders. Among other participants we also had groomers and grooming salon owners, so the course can be easily applicable in this field as well.

The creator of the course is an experienced marketer. That is why the course is written and adapted to breeders' objectives, and that includes cat breeders. Thanks to active participation from felinologists in the very first groups, the course was comprised of the most useful content including the cases from cat breeder practice. At the same time, interactive collaboration between felinologists and cynoligists allows our participants to work on practical tasks in more detail.

You can read about cat and dog breeders experience on our website. We recommend checking out Success stories from our participants and reading their feedbacks in Alumni insights.
3. I'm a beginner breeder. Is the course right for me?

Yes. The program of the course is created in a way that every breeder can analyze their individual situation and come up with a solution – an online promotion plan that will suit your kennel or cattery and will help you fix the existing issues. This course doesn't have one-size-fits-all solutions which is a great indicator of the quality of the materials.

If your goal is to build a proper promotion for your kennel or cattery from the ground up, this course will be useful. It will help you avoid any typical beginner mistakes and will teach you how to create your own strategy from the start.

To get more information how beginner breeders implement the knowledge from our course in practice, just read our Success Strories of our Alumni.
4. I'm an experienced breeder. Will this course be useful for me?

Yes. The course is useful at any stage of your kennel or cattery development. All experience you gained in your breeding will help you get through the key topics of the course.

If you have already tried online promotion yourself, but haven't got the results you wanted, this course will help you create a working promotion scheme and audit your resources finding and fixing pre-existing issues, as well as improving your online communication. According to the experienced participants of our course, it helps you look at your work, experience from a new perspective and find new solutions for your goals.

It is extremely interesting experience to work with experienced breeders during the course, so just read several cases from our course in our Success Stories.
5. I have a very busy schedule. Will I have enough time for the course?

As the previous cohorts have shown, breeders always have an extremely busy schedule. They are also very successful in balancing taking care of their kennel or cattery, raising litters, working, spending time with their families – and taking the course on top of that.

The course format – recorded lectures in your account – allows you to plan the pace at which you are going to watch them. Interactive collaboration in the chat allows you to discuss all arising questions on a convenient schedule. You will also know in advance when live webinars where you can talk to your instructor are scheduled so that you can also plan ahead.
6. Why is your course four months long? Will I be able to keep up since it's so long?

The duration of the course is due to the heavy agenda and our intention to provide the participants with enough time to go through the course and materials and to complete all homework at a comfortable pace.

At the beginning of the course, we create a community of breeders because we believe that creating a positive work environment allows the participants to work through material effectively while discussing and implementing the knowledge they receive during the course.

From the first webinar breeders start to implement promotion algorithms and schemes. All the work is done based on your breed and your kennel or cattery, that's why the course in engaging throughout.

Interactive collaboration, feedback and a study system with flexible schedule help to create a comfortable pace. Our participants go through the course with the same levels of motivation and are very interested in achieving great results for themselves and their kennels/catteries.
7. Can we ask questions during the course?

One of the core values of the course is that it's in real-time and interactive. You go through the course together with an instructor and a community of like-minded breeders. Our goal is to make sure breeders learn how to use marketing in their particular situation that is why live communication is so important. And that is why the course program includes online discussions of all additional question and hot topics during live webinars, and detailed homework analysis.
8. I am in a different time zone. Is it convenient to take the course? Will I miss any important information?

The course format is recorded lectures in your account. The lectures are unlocked gradually, according to the course schedule. They stay available till the end of the course. All live webinars are also recorded and available for viewing the next day.

This format allows the participants to join the course regardless of their time zone and watch all lectures and webinars at a comfortable pace.

On top of that, a chat for discussions works every day, so you can get all additional information at convenient hours.
9. Is completing homework mandatory?

All the tasks in this course have practical use and help you better understand the algorithm of marketing tools we study. The tasks are created in a way that doesn't require you to have any speciall skills to comlete them. The majority of the materials used for and created during the completion of the tasks can be also used to continue working on your promotion even after you finish the course.

When you complete all tasks on time, you will be confidently moving along the course program and discussing all the arising questions during live webinars. All of that will have a positive impact on the course results.
10. Do you have any information about the course payback from the participants?

This course will bring results to the breeders whose goal is their kennel's or cattery's growth and who are ready to change their strategy and optimize their time costs in promotion and marketing education.

According to our participants, both beginner and experienced breeders, this course has helped them to fine-tune their system and to make the process of finding owners, including breed and show level, much easier.

As the result of the course, many breeders have managed to increase the price of their puppies and kittens. Still, it's on case-by-case basis. This course is not made for backyard breeders or commercial breeders whose goal is to sell a litter after litter.
11. Will I get any results after the course?

Your results will depend on how serious you are about the studying and completing tasks. At the beginning of the course you will set properly defined goals and determine results you want to achieve for your kennel or cattery. During the course we will build a step by step plan to achieve them. So the more thoroughly you work on your tasks, the faster you will reach your goals and get your results.

This course doesn't contain instant solutions and easy ways "to learn Chinese in a month."
12. I took classes on Instagram promotion before and haven't seen any substantial results. Why would your marketing course help?

Standard SMM courses do not take kennel or cattery specifics into consideration and contain general information and universal recommendations for social media. That is why for breeders the results of these courses are insufficient since they don't allow to understand the mechanics of kennel or cattery promotion which includes other things other than social media.

Breeder's Key Points course is built on remastered materials that include the experience of breeders from 25 countries who took Marketing For Breeders course in 2020-2021. It takes into account all the nuances that breeders faced during the implementation of their online promotion program.
13. How does signing up for the course work?

To participate in the course, you need to fill out the Application form. After you send the Application form to the email address listed inside, you will receive a confirmation letter.

In the second email you will get a link, login and password to your personal account, plus a link to a Telegram chat.

If you don't get a confirmation email within 24 hours after sending your application, please, contact our Support – e-mail:
14. How do I know which Package is right for me?

Everything depends on your personal goals, your plans and any pending issues.

For those who plan to get some basic knowledge about marketing mechanics for their kennel or cattery, to draw key development points and determine the tools they need for a successful promotion, Starting Point plan will work best. It includes the following modules: 1) Kennel Promotion, 2) Breeders & Owners mutual understanding.

For the breeders who want to study every online promotion tool, to plan and implement their program independently, Core Set plan would be the best. It includes: 1) Kennel promotion, 2) Breeders & Owners mutual understanding, 3) Online communication.

Professional breeders who are serious about the development of their breed; experienced breeders who work with show class breeding and plan to grow their kennel or cattery to the highest level; as well as breeders who plan to take their business to a new level will benefit from PRO-level plan. It includes all four modules: 1) Kennel promotion, 2) Breeders & Owners mutual understanding, 3) Online communication, and 4) Game Changer

Individual plan includes one-on-one work with the instructor, 10 personal ZOOM-sessions, a break-down of your current situation, audit and developing your online promotion plan together with Victoria, as well as website development including design. This is in-depth work with all course materials that has a big impact on the kennel online promotion. The amount of spots with this plan is limited.
15. Are there any financial support options?

There are two payment options – one-time payment and monthly installments. Both payment methods are available for all three plans.

The option of buying separate topics is not available.
16. Can I change my plan during the course?

Yes, if you buy Starting Point plan, you can always pay and switch to Core Set or PRO Level.

Unfortunately, since with Individual plan you start working from the very first topics, switching to this plan from others is not possible.
17. What are Breeder's Key Point community practices?

One of the tools of successful learning process are live webinars. There our participants can always ask their questions, get feedback, and have a discussion with other participants.

This interactive communication is a great way to get a different perspective on familiar topics and a motivation to discover new opportunities.

For daily communication and important notifications (new lectures, additional material, surveys, etc.) we have a channel and a chat in Telegram.

At the end of the course for those who want to stay in touch, be up to date with marketing news and implement the course program effectively, we also have Alumni Club.
18. I have some additional questions. Where can I ask them?

If you have more questions, you can send us a message via any of the channels below and we will be happy to answer.

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March 15th, 2023
The application takes about 15 minutes to complete.
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